Our political consultancy includes political risk analysis to help connect the dots, strategic planning to best use your resources, and public affairs and media campaigns to achieve maximum impact.

Traditional lobbying is no longer sufficient for political parties or candidates to deliver their goals. We offer services that enable both to understand and manage threats and opportunities, to shape the policy narrative by delivering the core objectives, protect the bottom line, enhance reputation, and achieve competitive advantage.


We offer political risk assessments for politicians who operate in environments affected by geopolitical trends. Through a deep strategic understanding of the dynamics at play behind an issue and identification of the main player's positions, we can provide intelligible and actionable advice to top decision-makers on how to understand the situation to minimize and manage exposure to risks.


We leverage our political and media networks to understand what is happening in key political centers before it is splashed on the front pages. We provide our clients with a regular stream of intelligence from within political institutions that is tailored to their needs and interests. This helps our clients make informed decisions in real-time on important strategic issues.

Pan India Political Campaigns is evident on media, analytics, and crowd sourcing to gain attention in the cyber space.

Political communication in India has never been so heterogeneous, inclusive, fragmented, energetic, chaotic, creative and equally polarizing.

We build landscape having focused on narratives and imagery, interactivity, and other elements of political campaigns with online and offline campaign.

We successful use media for political agenda building and policy with a distinct style of political communication interactive.


Provide in-depth, up-to-the-minute policy analysis and intelligence across India, keep you one step ahead of political developments and regulatory changes that will affect your politics. You are part of fast growing, innovative, game changing politics, you need to know how governments and regulators may affect your politics, we keep you abreast of all the relevant debates, proposals and policy thinking, opportunities and threats they present with intelligent policy requirements.

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We design and deliver campaigns to influence policy makers and achieve the changes you require to allow your politics to flourish. We design and deliver campaigns that help you influence policy and regulation. We believe that lobbying should not be the preserve of multinational corporations and passionate about helping politics of all sizes ensure that their voice is heard by regulators and politicians With campaign strategies to its grassroots organizational structure.

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We build the profile of your political career and protect its reputation amongst policy makers to ensure a strong voice when decisions are being made that affect your politics. our strategies will build your leadership profile with the media, and the public to develop your position as a thought leader, an important stakeholder. We are also there for you when things may have gone wrong and crisis communications strategies will minimize reputation damage and get you pack on track.

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