A complete Election Management, in which our team will make complete Election strategy for the candidate.

Election Management Consultancy Procedure is initiated at least one year before the Election.

This training is all about How to win Elections

Following topics will be covered in this training :

  • Strategy of successful politicians
  • Why 99% people fail in politics
  • How to break Caste & Religion Barrier
  • Strategy to Connect with people
  • Strategy to win election
  • Complete election management strategy & Booth level management.
  • Strategy to get getting huge success in Election
  • Formulas by which anyone can win the election
  • Difference between successful & failed politicians
  • What are the all 9 teams require during the election
  • How to make team Of Good & loyal People
  • How to generate funds
  • Modern & Traditional ways to influence the voters.
  • How to do shadow campaigning to increase the vote share
  • How to do wave Building in our favor
  • 75 ways of promotion.
  • Activities which you should do one year Six / Three / One Month before the election
  • Man to Man marking of voters
  • Single Booth Analysis to make Election Strategy.
  • Candidate Management & Image Building.
  • After this mandatory training our team will make strategy regularly & keep an eye on each and every activity of all teams of candidates. We need one Election In charge at Candidate end to work with our team to give regular instructions for the elections.
  • Either iScope Media can provide vendors for different work.
  • Our team will Customized the campaign & promotional strategy to help in wave building strategy, Support the candidate in forming Booth Committees, Booth In charge & Regular Training Of all team members.
  • Will also develop social media strategy with your social media team & help you in single booth Analysis. Also make exclusive strategy for the day of Voting so that voting can be increase in candidate favor.
A Strategy will be customized as per the need & requirement of your constituency so that we can get maximum results.

Strategy will make in such a way that you can reach to maximum voters of constituency.

Your name, your face, your ideologies & your symbol should be known by everyone. We need some details about your constituency before making strategy for your constituency.

Our team will require sufficient time to make your campaign strategy as per the information given by you.

The campaign strategy begins

  • After declaration of ticket for recognized party candidate & after getting symbol from Election Commission in case of independent candidate.
  • As the campaign strategy is Customized so we need one person on behalf of candidate/party who should have complete detail about
    • Party
    • Candidate
    • Constituency
  • Institute will made Campaign strategy only for that constituency were
    • We have not given Consultancy.
    • Where we have team to give us ground report.
    • Where we will have chances to have some good result.
Election has actually become the Management Game. If you can manage things then you can easily win the Election.

As you know Politicians Need Good Election Manager who can manage Elections for them.

They need someone who can help them in managing teams, crowd, campaign & as well as candidate.

If you get enough experience & a good team Of Elections Managers at Constituency level, we can also take complete Election Management work.

Topic which we cover in this training :

  • What is Election Management
  • What are things to manage in Election
  • What are the points to keep in mind in Constituency management
  • What are the things to manage in booth level management
  • How to Find Good Booth In charge at every booth
  • What are the activities Done by booth Team
  • How to do single booth analysis
  • What is Effective campaign strategy
  • Strategy of the day of election
  • Strategy for crowd management
  • What are the responsibilities of Election Manager in Election
  • How to do candidate Management